Below the cut are 227 gifs of the actual princess Katharine McPhee, known for her acting and music career, requested by rosiemadison. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: None of these gifs are mine, and I claim no credit for them. If you would like me to remove any gifs, please message me privately and I will remove them.

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Phoebe Tonkin for Cotton On’s “Hello World” Campaign.


↳ here you find #414 small/medium gifs of phoebe tonkin acting. none of these gifs are mine, so the credit goes to the rightful owners. there maybe some reps, i'm sorry for that. like/reblog if this helped you, hope you enjoy.

tumblr_n3vdj6B0B51rtocego7_250.gif (245×150)

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hayley’s wardrobe | 1.13 crescent city (1/2)

faye chamberlain | 1.10 darkness

"Tell me that I have a choice." 
"You will always have a choice."


make me choose » marcelsgerard asked: high-school brooke or adult brooke

you want high-school brooke? i have news for you. i am not that girl anymore. there is a lot more to me than just sex. high-school brooke graduated!

loving her was red (x)

Keira Knightley in Lynn Shelton’s Laggies (2014)